We are proud of our Eastfield Reading Champions.  Every child in this picture completed the Reading Challenge at Eastfield Library, visiting the library every week and enjoying the Space Theme.

We would like to say a BIG thank you to the children and their PARENTS for representing Overdale school in such an excellent way. At Overdale we build our curriculum around reading as we believe that reading is at the heart of all learning.  Every topic is built around a book, I am sure that you know that The Jungle Book is our whole school themed book to support learning about Rain Forests / Jungles and about building relationships and knowing our life paths and learning paths in life.  

I would like to thank the children who started the challenge but didn’t finish it due to family commitments, all reading is celebrated at Overdale.  

Further News

Over this half term, Mrs Logan has been reading with the whole school each week in her Headteacher assembly. Each assembly the children have been responding to questions posed by Mrs Logan, each time children have given a correct response a raffle ticket with their name on has gone into the draw. The draw was held this morning in assembly and the winners are in the photograph. Well done to these children – enjoy your books.


Leadership changes for Overdale 2018 2019

Shared Headship

From September, and with the approval of the board of governors, Mrs Vicki Logan, will share the role of Headteacher at Overdale school with Mrs Carrie Stabler.  As Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Stabler has worked with passion and enthusiasm to drive improvements at Overdale, hence we look forward to and appreciate her continued support moving into the Headteacher role.  

Assistant Headteacher

We are pleased to welcome Mr Andrew Watson to the Overdale’s leadership team to support the changes in the leadership structure in September.  Mr Watson will lead KS2 teaching and learning as his key responsibility.  

Executive Headship

The above changes will enable Mrs Logan to take the role of Executive Headteacher at Braeburn.  Mrs Logan will lead the Ebor school improvement team for the school year 2018-2019.

After this half-term, Mrs Logan will be in both schools regularly, preparing for a smooth transition to Executive Headship supporting Braeburn school in their transition to becoming an academy.

Pete Bowdidge

Chair of Governors, Overdale C P School

Overdale CPS


As headteacher at Overdale I have the privilege of sharing two assemblies each week with the children.  My assemblies focus on high expectations for learning and conduct across school alongside making links with the school development plans and the whole school curriculum theme.  For 2017 2018 the plans focus on improving speaking, listening and reading.  To support this I share and read a book with the children that links to the whole school theme.  At frequent points during reading I pause to ask the children questions about the text.  These questions follow our Reciprocal reading format , with particular emphasis on reading inference. 

Prediction – children saying what they think will happen in the text. 

Clarify – explaining what ‘key’ words or phrases mean

Questions – explaining events in the text, inference

Summarising – giving an overview of the page / section I have read. 

When children respond with accuracy to my reading they are given a raffle ticket that goes into a draw.  When the booked is completed I draw two tickets out and award a book to EY / KS1 children and another to KS2. 

Our Animal Kingdom Topic was supported by : The Jingle Book, Wind in the Willows and the Star of the Zoo. 

Presently, I am reading Great Inventions to support our Inventors and Inventions topic.  

Photographs of the winners are taken and put up in the hall and on the head teacher’s web page, until another book prize is awarded.

Year 6 SAT’s

100% Attendance

KS1 and KS2 Book winners for Term 2