We do not have a committee our Governors meet at as a Full Governing Body.

Leadership changes for Overdale 2018 2019

Shared Headship

From September, and with the approval of the board of governors, Mrs Vicki Logan, will share the role of Headteacher at Overdale school with Mrs Carrie Stabler.  As Deputy Headteacher, Mrs Stabler has worked with passion and enthusiasm to drive improvements at Overdale, hence we look forward to and appreciate her continued support moving into the Headteacher role.  

Assistant Headteacher

We are pleased to welcome Mr Andrew Watson to the Overdale’s leadership team to support the changes in the leadership structure in September.  Mr Watson will lead KS2 teaching and learning as his key responsibility.  

Executive Headship

The above changes will enable Mrs Logan to take the role of Executive Headteacher at Braeburn.  Mrs Logan will lead the Ebor school improvement team for the school year 2018-2019.

After this half-term, Mrs Logan will be in both schools regularly, preparing for a smooth transition to Executive Headship supporting Braeburn school in their transition to becoming an academy.

Pete Bowdidge

Chair of Governors, Overdale C P School

Overdale CPS

Role / category  

Name / role in community


Date of appointment

Term of Office


Elected By


Chair Pete Bowdidge Harling Safeguarding 2007 2019 Governing Body
Vice Chair Kate Tate SEND Mar 16 2020 Governing Body
Co-opted Craig Henderson   Oct 17 2021 Governing Body
Co-opted Vacant   Left Sept 17   Governing Body
LA Governor Vacant   Left Jan 17   Governing Body
Parent Governor Debra Lewis Science across school Jan 2015 2019 Governing Body
Parent Governor Leigh Whiteley Newly appointed May 2017 2021 Parents 
Headteacher Vicki Logan Safeguarding  and School Performance January 2011 2019 Governing Body
Staff Governor Gary Lawton Health and Well-Being February 2017 2021 Staff
Clerk Carole Jackson       Governing Body

LA Governor Roberta Swiers left office in Oct 2016 we are awaiting a new appointment. 

Co-opted Governor Paul Cross left post in July 2017 we are awaiting a new appointment.

Attendance at meetings; 

  Oct 2017 Dec 2017 Feb 2018 March 2018 May 2018
Pete Bowdidge Harling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Kate Tate Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Craig Henderson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Debra Lewis Yes Yes Left Left Left
Leigh Whiteley Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vicki Logan Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Gary Lawton Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Carole Jackson Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


The register of business interest currently shows NO business interests, no relationships between Governors and members of staff.

Our Governors are not Governors at any other school

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