Progression of Skills

PSHCE at Overdale School

At Overdale PSHCE is part of a whole school approach and we aim to provide a range of opportunities for children to make links to other areas of learning and explore a wide range of social, moral, cultural and behavioural issues. Through assemblies and whole school activities, we develop the children’s learning and understanding in areas including E-Safety, Anti-Bullying and Charity work.

Strengths of the curriculum:

  • pupils play a positive role in contributing to school life and the wider community
  • pupil voice is encouraged and valued
  • teachers and leaders provide a range of lessons and opportunities which enhance the understanding and development of all pupils
  • at Overdale we promote British values and aim to prepare children for life in modern Britain

Areas for development:

  • Develop links with other subject leaders in cluster schools to share knowledge and good practice
  • CPD for staff to secure understanding of progression of skills
  • Subject leader to be able to inform judgements and support teaching and learning of PSHCE at Overdale School through learning walks and child conferencing.Intended actions:
  • Subject leader to attend relevant CPD
  • Arrange Learning Walks to monitor the quality of provision and learning, pupils’ progress and attainment
  • Completion of Resilience questionnaires and Growing Up In North Yorkshire survey, evaluate and share findings with staff

Our teaching of PSHCE is based on the North Yorkshire Curriculum Entitlement Framework and is structured into 6 themes:

  • Me and my relationships
  • Keeping myself safe
  • My healthy lifestyle
  • Me and my future
  • Becoming an active citizen
  • Moving on

Ks2 children from Emerald house went ice skating to York as a well done for collecting the most vivos and dojos this term. Well done – we are glad you enjoyed your reward ?