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Physical Education at Overdale CP School


Physical education develops the children’s knowledge skills and understanding, so that they can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities with the ability to evaluate their own and each other’s work. These include dance, gymnastics, games, athletics, swimming (KS2), and outdoor adventure activities. Physical education allows for children to think about their own bodies in action and the effects that physical activity has upon them. Physical education in school enables us to promote a healthy and active lifestyle outside of school, and allows for the children to be encouraged into taking part in individual and team activities.


Strengths of the Physical Education:

  • Pupils actively take part in a wide range of sporting activities
  • Progression of skills are effectively taught through the use specialist coaches and teachers.
  • A vast amount of children participate in extracurricular activities (47% of the whole school 45%PP)
  • Children are given the opportunities to acquire lifelong skills (riding a bicycle, swimming)
  • The all-weather running track enables children to actively sustain a healthy and active lifestyle.
  • Children are given opportunities to make links with local sports clubs.
  • Children are given opportunities to represent the school in a wide range of competitive sporting events across the area.

Areas for development:

  • Girls’ participation levels in extra-curricular activities could be improved and encouraged.
  • Girls’ participation levels at competitive fixtures could be encouraged more throughout the year.
  • Resources need to be respected more throughout school to ensure that all staff and children can utilise equipment and maximise opportunities to acquire and develop sporting skills.
  • Subject leader to gain a better understanding of the teaching and learning of P.E. at Overdale School through learning walks.

Intended actions:

  • To enter a wide range competitions for girls within the Scarborough Sports Partnership.
  • To conduct a learning walk for P.E. that will enable the P.E. subject leader to gain a better understanding of the quality of P.E. teaching.
  • To conduct a full equipment audit to enable staff to request any new equipment that they may require.
  • Continue to provide a range of extra-curricular opportunities for all children.

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