Maths Progression of Skills

Maths at Overdale CP School

Overdale’s maths curriculum is driven by challenge for all groups of learners. Activities, lessons and units of work are designed around skills to be learned, difficult questions to be answered and problems to be solved. It is an exciting curriculum, in which children are given a chance to explore maths in different contexts as they learn skills in fluency, problem solving and reasoning (based upon the aims of the National Curriculum).

Strengths of the curriculum:

  • Leaders and governors focus on consistently improving Maths, this means that at the end of KS2, outcomes showed improvement in both attainment and progress
  • All teachers have high expectations of pupil outcomes in mathematics and as a result pupils are able to achieve above National expectations in KS1.
  • Children working at Greater depth are provided with challenge in maths as shown by a significant improvement in children achieving a ‘high level of attainment’ in the 2018 SATS (19% in 2018 compared to 10% in 2017).
  • Pupils are helped to understand where their strengths and areas for development in Maths lie as a result of assessment for learning and next steps
  • Strand intervention allows gaps in learning to be closed for all groups of pupils

Areas for development:

  •  To close the gap in attainment for maths as children achieved lower than National % at the end of Key Stage Two.
  •  To improve the attainment in particular for boys, disadvantaged and SEND children as they achieved significantly lower than National % at the end of Key Stage Two.
  •  Continue to monitor progress and attainment in Maths to ensure all children make expected or above progress from Nursery to the end of Key Stage One.
     Intended actions:
  •  In order to ensure that standards in attainment are closer to or meet national at KS2 we will monitor the quality of learning, pupils’ progress and attainment in Maths.
  • Termly maths days will engage parents in their child’s learning in maths to support improved outcomes for all groups of children.
  • In order to ensure children are engaged in maths learning we will use Sumdog to set homework.
  • To ensure children progress in the curriculum we will teach fluency, reasoning and problem solving skills using the White Rose Hub. This will be monitored through book scrutiny and learning walks.
  • Progress will be analysed termly to look for trends in the data for groups of children and relevant actions will be implemented to address barriers to learning.

Maths Curriculum Information