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Design and Technology Progression of Skills

Design Technology at Overdale C.P. School

In our Design Technology lessons we teach the children to design, make, amend and evaluate a variety of products. The DT curriculum works closely with our topic theme to inspire develop children’s knowledge and skills whilst encouraging them to produce high quality finished products. Additionally children are given the opportunity to explore where food originates from and prepare and cook simple meals in small groups. This is particularly useful to develop their understanding of the importance of a healthy lifestyle including a diet of a variety of food groups. Our aim is to develop a variety of skills to allow our pupils to achieve their personal best and develop the knowledge required to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle into adulthood.

At Overdale we use the National Curriculum, our topic themes and children’s interests to form the basis of our planning and teaching of DT.

Strengths of the curriculum:

  • Pupils are provided with regular opportunities to design and make products.
  • Pupils are provided with the opportunity to prepare and cook simple meals.
  • Cross-curricular links are made through the teaching of design skills, promoting a healthy lifestyle and the use of literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Groups of children from KS2 are able to take part on a visit to develop their understanding of where food originates from.
  • An annual Den Day which allows children to work with other age groups to design, make and evaluate dens / shelters.

Areas for development:

  • Continue to develop regular use of assessment to share success and develop skills across the subject for each year group.
  • Begin to develop the gardening aspects of the curriculum.


Intended actions:

  • Set up a gardening club.
  • Monitor subject coverage and attainment each half term.