Year 5 Curriculum Web – Summer 2 2021

“In  our final half term, in year 5, we will step into the footsteps of some of the first known humans in history. We will be studying the Stone Age and delving deep into their cave drawings and carvings this includes mixing and making our own handmade paints. Join us on our journey back through the ages and see where some of our modern day thinking’s and ideas have come from. There are some fascinating local Stone Age artefacts and findings that we will extremely lucky to view and handle. Are you brave enough to survive in the Stone Age?” 

Year 5 Curriculum Web - Summer 2 2021

Y5 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

This half term, our topic is "Being Human". Our class text is "The Boy at the Back of the Class", from this book, we will be looking at what it means to be a good friend by showing compassion and understanding.

The world is a very strange place at the moment in the current situation we are in. We will be discussing how this may further be different for many children our own age; particularly focusing on the Children's Refugee Crisis which links to closely with our class text. We will be looking at what being human means to us by identifying and discussing our own personalities and traits in an art form to highlight how unique we all are.

Y5 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Theme Webs

Welcome to Year 5 Spring Term
This term, Year 5 are going to become explorers alongside our magical and exhilarating whole class reading text - “The Polar Bears Explorers’ Club”.
As well as becoming explorers, Year 5 will be delving deep into exciting historical discoveries including Isaac Newton’s most famous theory.
We will be continuing to master our times tables and arithmetic skills.
Join us on our expedition to the Arctic!

Year 5 Curriculum Theme Web

Welcome to Year 5

Our class is taught by Miss Bonnett. Our Learning Support Assistant is Miss Popowitsch. As Upper Key Stage 2 children, we know we have a responsibility to set expectations for other children in our school to follow. We are looking forward to diving into an action packed themed curriculum; focusing on all subjects with plenty of challenges and adventures.

Our themes and topics this year will be:

Autumn 1 - Empires!

Autumn 2- Exciting Earth

Spring 1- Discoveries

Spring 2 - Fantasy Lands

Summer 1- Being Human

Summer 2 - Local History

This Term

In Year 5 this half term, we will be stepping into the magical wintery world of Narnia. During this half term, we will be looking at fantasylands. Below is our Theme Map that shows everything we will cover. Despite the circumstances, our lessons will continue partly via Class Dojo and hopefully in school as well! We will be getting our creative fingers ready to create our own "Narnia in a box". We really look forward to seeing the fantastic work you produce. 

Miss Bonnett and Miss Popowitsch