Computing Day 2019

The whole school took part in a computing themed day. They learnt about e-safety through a fun, interactive and exciting drama workshop (provided by One Day Creative). They also spent time in their classes creating web pages, projects and learning about technology in everyday life. 

ICT / Computing

Computing Curriculum Information

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In computing, learning is driven by curiosity. Activities and units of work are built around investigation, discovery, analysis and problem solving. We guide children to recognise the importance of staying safe when using computers in school and out of school. Our main aim is to ensure that pupils become digitally literate at a suitable level for the future workplace and as an active participant for the digital world.

Strengths of the curriculum:

• SIMS is used to assess computing at Overdale School. This is in line with other subjects to ensure consistency throughout school.
• Computing is part of the whole school themed curriculum.
• In year 2 girls outperform the boys.
• The gap between girls and boys in KS2 has been reduced.
• At the end of KS2 74% of children leave with secure computing skills for the wider world.

Areas for development:

• With the increasing developments in technology and resources children need to access a variety of technology.
• There are not enough children at the end of KS1 achieving secure (33%).
• Use technology purposefully to create, store, manipulate and retrieve digital content (KS1 04) is a strand weakness in KS1.
Year 1 0% Year 2 66%
• Understand computer networks including the internet; how they can provide multi services, such as the world wide web; and the opportunities they offer (KS2 04) is a strand weakness in Year 3.
• In KS2 there is a gap between SEND and others (Year 3 20%, Year 4 55%, Year 5 32%, Year 6 42%)
• In KS2 there is a gap between PP and others (Year 3 29%, Year 4 1%, Year 5 48%, Year 6 35%)

Intended actions:

• Computing to have a focus in Year 2. Computing subject leader to teach Year 2. Ensure computing is linked to the theme curriculum.
• Ensure KS1 04 objective is a focus for the year. Team planning meetings with Year 1 and 2 class teachers to ensure they are planning for this objective.
• Ensure KS2 04 objective is a focus for the year. Team planning meetings with Year 4 teacher to ensure they are planning for this objective.
• Hold an after school computing club to reduce the gap between SEND and others.


Year two and three enjoyed their first after school session on programming with Miss Hegarty



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