National Poetry Day 2018

Poetry Workshop

On Tuesday morning Year 6 visited the Woodend Museum for a Poetry workshop with Louise Fazackerley. They listened to Louise perform some of her own poems and thought about the 'ingredients' that make a good poem. After that they came up with their own poetry based on what they had seen at the Museum.

Girl by Ava

Her cheeks as peachy as candy floss
Her shirt as purple as tulips in a bride's bouquet
Hair as brown as chocolate, with the texture of moss.

Eyes like a tropical sea
With pupils as black as midnight
She looks very beautiful.

I wish she was me!

Autumn Term 2018

Autumn Term

We are so excited to be back in school after our Summer Holidays. This term we are going on an adventure to learn about ‘Our Place in the World’. We will begin our journey in the South of England and we join Michael as he sets sail on an exciting, yet terrifying voyage across the world. Where will he end up? Who will he meet? Will he find his way home?


Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 are the top of the school and therefore have to set an excellent example for all our younger pupils. One of the highlights of being in Year 6 is the opportunity to take on roles of responsibility such as Team Captains, School Council Chair and Secretary, Sports Leaders and helpful jobs around school.

Our teacher is Mrs Mills and are supported in class by Mrs Meads.


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