War Game

To help us gain a better understanding of life for soldiers during WW1, Mr Henderson (one of our school Governors) very kindly brought us items from his collection to look at and ask questions about. This really helped us to understand our class book- War Game by Michael Foreman- which is set in the Trenches of World War 1.

Religious Education – Our World

In RE, we have considered how we can be good ‘stewards’ of Our World and why that is important to Christians. Yorkshire Rotters visited us to explain the importance of recycling, saving energy and composting. We were even allowed to take our very own pet worms home in a wormery made from rubbish!

Science topic – Digestion System

In our science topic, we have been learning about the Digestion System. George Pindar Secondary School invited us into their science labs to discover more about how this vital process takes place. We tried to order the digestion system, had a look at the process from inside the body (!) and then made our very own model stomach using crackers, orange juice and a plastic bag.