Year 3 Curriculum Web – Summer 2 2021

Get your long boats at the ready as we sail into our new theme ‘ Vicious Vikings’ Lots of fun to be had cracking coded messages using a Viking rune alphabet. Exploring Viking life and the myths around Gods and Goddesses as well as designing a sail for our boat. 

Year 3 Curriculum Web - Summer 2 2021

Y3 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

This half term join with us in our journey and take a virtual trip and discover where our food comes from and enjoy the tastes of different seasons in a rainbow of colours and flavours. 

We are turning on the enshrinkifier as we prepare to shrink in size and take a tour of the human body. Our 'tour' includes visits to all the main vital organs to see what foods keep them healthy, as well as looking at bones and muscles along the way! 

Y3 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Welcome to Year 3

This Term

Welcome back to Spring two of our new theme Discoveries.

We are going to have many adventures discovering fantasy worlds behind a wooden door.
Looking at the depth of the ocean and the plants that grow beneath our feet. Have you ever been to Scarborough coastline?
You are also going to look at the differences between a northern and a southern coastline.
I can't wait to open the door to the Fantastical world of fantasy and the oceans beyond.
Best wishes

Mrs Kershaw and Mr Hewitt

Y3 Curriculum Theme Web

Theme Webs

We have a super half term planned in year 3. We are going to discover who sailed to America by mistake, research the amazing discoveries the Tudors made and draw the sail boats that navigated our oceans.
What Tudor discoveries can you discover? Who was the first man to navigate the ocean and how did he do it?
Post your answers on dojos.
Let’s set sail!
Ms Kershaw and Mr Hewitt