Welcome to Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 class page. We spent last half term learning how to be sensible, independent and mature KS2 learners – it is a little different to KS1 but we have stepped up to the challenge. Our teacher is Mrs Kershaw, she has been teaching at Overdale for nearly two years and she loves teaching us science – she is also the science subject leader. Our HLTA is Mrs Dowling, she worked with us last year in Year 2 and loved having us so much she decided she wanted to continue with us on our learning journey – Mrs Dowling especially loves reading and leads reading groups at lunchtime and in the afternoon.

This term our topic is Help! With this we have decided to study the subject of volcanoes.  Here, we will be looking at how volcanoes are formed and the many effects they have on our planet. We have already been busy creating our own volcanoes. We used bicarbonate of soda and vinegar to create an eruption out on the playground. Luckily, the school was safe from the explosion. In science our focus is on plants but we will still be talking about volcanoes and how different plants can survive around them.  We have a huge focus on our Times Tables in maths this term and we will be working on chants, songs and lots of other exciting ways to memorise them.  It is Mr Bowman’s first term with year 3 and he is really enjoying his time with such a hard working class and looks forward to helping them progress through the rest of this term. 

Medium Term Plan – Spring 1

Medium Term Plan – Autumn 2


Mrs Stabler enjoyed teaching us about relative clauses on Tuesday – can you spot them in our sentences?