Year 2 Curriculum Web – Summer 2 2021

This half term is all about travel and transport and our lovely town of Scarborough. We will be advertisers and advertise the sunny beaches and historic castle to visitors.  We will be looking at some of the first inventions in the history of travel and we will be going on our first trip in a long time! To a local farm! We are very excited for what will be a busy half term and our last one before we move to our brand new school!

Year 2 Curriculum Web - Summer 2 2021

Y2 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

This term we will be travelling around the globe using our world atlases and maps. We will be keen explorers who discover all there is to know about the rivers and seas on the globe and how we can find them using a map. 

In phonics we will be looking at important spelling rules such as how to add prefixes and suffixes and securing our understanding of common exception words. We are having a HUGE push on reading this term so please try to read those books as much as possible! 

In maths we are looking at division, statistics, shapes and fractions, whilst continuing to have a big drive on our times table.

Most importantly we will be learning to look after our mental health after such a strange time with COVID. We will be having lots of fun, discussions around friendships and learning more about our emotions to ensure we are calm and ready to move into year 3

Y2 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Welcome to Year 2

Our class is taught by Mr Bowman and Mrs Hemingway. Our Learning Support Assistant is Mrs Bateman. Stepping up to year 2 is a big step, where being sat down and learning is more common than your child’s time in year 1. We promise to still make the learning as interesting and fun as possible We are looking forward to diving into an action packed themed curriculum; focusing on some really interesting topics that will encourage your child’s love of learning!

Our themes and topics this year will be:

Autumn 1 - Empires!

Autumn 2- Exciting Earth

Spring 1- Discoveries

Spring 2 - Fantasy Lands

Summer 1- Being Human

Summer 2 - Local History

Put on your space suits and strap on your moon boots as this term we are soaring up to space to learn all about planets, rockets and astronauts. We will be reading lots of stories and non-fiction texts to find out as much as we can about space. Below is our theme map, where you can see the sorts of things, we will be learning about. We can't wait to see all the hard work that you are doing at home. You will find your lessons as video links on your Class Dojo.
Mr Bowman, Mrs Hemingway and Mrs Bateman

This Term

In year 2 this term we will be delving into the magical, fictional worlds of some famous authors. We will be learning all about Julia Donaldson and her rhyming stories – purple prickles and all. We will also be learning about Roald Dahl and all the amazing stories he has written.

In phonics, it is time to look in to phase 6 where we will learn lots of  prefixes and suffixes and how applying them to certain words can change their meaning.

In maths we will be continuing to learn all about multiplication and division surrounding our time table targets of 2,5 and 10 times tables.

Due to Covid times we will be ready to support your child remotely if they for any reason need to isolate. This will be ensured through use of Class Dojo. Please sign up if you are yet to do so.

Year 2 Curriculum Theme Web