Vet Visit

We have been learning all about the animal kingdom in Nursery, so we invited a local vet to come and tell us all about looking after animals. Nichola taught us about looking after our pets and how to look out for signs of fleas, tics and worms! We even got to hold some…luckily they were just plastic ones.

Fire Fighters

When the fire fighters came to visit us, we were all very excited to see the fire engine on our school car park. The fire fighters showed us how the fire engine works and what all the tools inside are used for. It was really interesting and when we got back to the classroom, we all wanted to be fire fighters!

Snow Fun

We all had great fun in the snow in our wellies and waterproofs. We played with our outside toys and tried to make a snowman, but the snow was too soft! We were all very cold by the end, so we went inside and had hot chocolate to warm us up.

Raising Chicks

The nursery children have thoroughly enjoyed having the experience of looking after the chicks since they came to us last week as eggs. The children watched over the eggs in anticipation for the first sign of life; having the eggs in the Gruffalo Room enabled the children to watch every stage of the chicks’ arrival. Alongside these observations, the children have learned about where eggs come from and how our eggs containing the chicks are different from the eggs they may have for breakfast. They have learned about the importance of looking after living things, which linked nicely to a visit we had from a local vet last week. The children have drawn pictures of the chicks, whilst watching them in the incubator and they have also had the opportunity to handle the new arrivals, ensuring they used all their new found skills of taking care of animals. When Year 5 visited us on Friday, nursery told the older children all about the chicks and what had been happening in nursery over the last three days. They then helped the year 5 children hold the chicks by telling them how to handle them with care. It has been a fantastic experience and it has helped bring our Animal Kingdom topic to life, quite literally!