East Barnby

Hi all – We have had a brilliant two days at East Barnby, it has snowed and we’ve been sledging. The food is delicious and we’ve eaten really well. We have been trying hard to go straight to sleep and once we do we’ve been sleeping through the night. Our wellies are wet, our clothes are muddy but our faces all have big smiles on them.

See you Friday

Year 5 and 6

Wow what a fantastic few days at East Barnby

On Monday we arrived at East Barnby and I felt nervous and a bit sad but I soon felt happy. First we went beck scrambling for half of a day. When I was walking across the river I fell in but I carried on (a bit wet). We had to crawl through tiny gaps between boulders – this was the best bit. At the end of the scramble we had to climb up a 400m hill. It was so steep we had to use the ski method (crab walk). I was really proud of myself when I finished.

Our evening activity was an orienteering alien hunt around the grounds. My group found about half of them as it was so dark. I loved running around with my torch and I was exploring the grounds as well. It was a happy first day.

Love Kai


On Tuesday we went mountain biking which was tricky because my shoes kept slipping off the pedals but by the end I almost got the hang of it. We cycled around Dalby Forest and my hands were freezing as it was snowing.

After a picnic in the carpark, we went orienteering in the forest. We had some beepers which were like a USB stick that we beeped to collect our data. It was fantastic. My partner was Tom and we finished the orienteering course.

At night our activity was sledging which was cool. We slid down the ski slope and we had lots of fun. I liked going down the slope and spinning around. We even had a race at the end!

Love Harry


Today we have been canoeing down the River Esk. It was a big adventure and really fun! We canoed in groups of 6 and it was hard steering, also very tiring on my arms! I was with Ollie and Kai.

Tonight we have been on the night line game where we had to go around a rope course, through tires over planks and over tunnels. We went round in partners and one was blindfolded.

Love Tom


This week has been so fun. We have been canoeing today and we got cold and wet but it was really worth it. I was really scared at first because I have not done it before. I surprised myself because I was quite good. We travelled far and stopped on a pebble island for lunch.

When we got back we got changed for tea out of our waterproofs because they were wet. Then we went tea which was pork and potatoes with gravy.

After that we got our waterproofs back on and I went sledging. It was really fun sliding down, I went really fast!

It is now bed time and I am reading a fossil book which I bought at the tuck shop.

I think it is great here!

Love Jess

Hi everyone I have enjoyed a lot of this trip it has been so fun and I am upset I have to leave tomorrow. I have really enjoyed canoeing and lots more. I have also enjoyed mountain biking because there was lots of bumps and it was really fun. I have not been scared or missed home. I am absolutely fine and there is no need to worry.

By Scarlet


Hi everyone, I have enjoyed this trip a lot as it has been really fun. My favourite activity was canoeing and I also liked mountain biking. I am absolutely fine and there is no need to worry.

By Isaac


Hello people of the world I have survived the last four days. My favourite activity was canoeing but I nearly fell in. My worst activity was beck scrambling mainly because I got soaking wet. It was good on my birthday and we celebrated with cake. At the minute the disco is on.

By Summer- Lee


Hi peeps, I am okay and the last four days have been fun-packed and exhausting. My favourite activity was canoeing, because we got to play a few games and we went for like one or two miles. We have also been beck scrambling and we had to cross through a river twice and both times my wellies got full of water both times.

J By Mieka J


Hey guys, I have enjoyed these past few days but my feet and hands have been really cold. My favourite part of East Barnby so far was when I canoed on the Esk. We all played some games where we jumped up and down in the canoe and I nearly fell into the water. My worst part of East Barnby was when my feet have been frozen. I have enjoyed this week, it has been really fun.

By Ciara.


Hi guys, I have enjoyed the last fun-packed days but, it has been so cold. My favourite part was beck scrambling because I enjoyed it so much. We have also been bush crafting and our instructor got us all stuck in mud, even Miss Bielby was stuck. This adventure was really fun!

By Chloe.

Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3, we will be learning all about space. This exciting and engaging theme will be the platform to excite young, curious minds. We will create our own ‘out of this world’ space art using a number of different techniques and media. Also, we will be preforming amazing experiments as we learn all about light in science. As well as this, we will develop our computing skills as we construct our own PowerPoints.

Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to nursery where the children are taught by Mrs Talbot and Miss Quinn and supported by Mrs Baker our full time ATA.

This half term we will be having lots of fun finding out about Autumn, including Halloween and Bonfire Night. We will have lots of exciting activities centred around play both indoors and outdoors (don’t forget your woollies!).

Our themed books will be Percy the Park Keeper, Pumpkin Soup, Five Little Pumpkins, Room on a Broom, Funny Bones and Stick man along with a selection of other books based around the children’s interests.

We are especially looking forward to the run up to Christmas when we will be learning lots of Christmas songs to support Reception Class’ Nativity performance for parents and the school.

Welcome to Reception

Medium Term Plan

Long Term Plan

Our class teacher is Mrs Stewart. We are supported in class on a morning by Mrs Harvey and on an afternoon by Mrs Baker. Mrs Harvey works Thursday and Friday afternoon with our Language Link Reception children in small groups.

We had fun on Children in Need day and looked spotacular in our outfits – a huge well done to some very creative Mummies and Daddies. Thank you.

Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 are the top of the school and therefore have to set an excellent example for all our younger pupils. One of the highlights of being in Year 6 is the opportunity to take on roles of responsibility such as Team Captains, School Council Chair and Secretary, Sports Leaders and helpful jobs around school.

Our teachers are Mrs Stabler and Mrs Hemingway, we are supported in class by Mrs Meads.

This term we are learning about Space – we have studied night and day, the phases of the moon and considered what it would be like to be an astronaut. We have also enjoyed reading space stories to the younger children in school during paired reading.

Medium Term Plan

Long Term Plan


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