Y6 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

This half-term in year 6 we will be focussing on ‘What does it mean to be human? Within in this topic we will be reading Malorie Blackman’s Pig Heart Boy. We will also be starting to look at our transition to secondary school and thinking about our journey at Overdale School. 

Y6 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Y5 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

This half term, our topic is "Being Human". Our class text is "The Boy at the Back of the Class", from this book, we will be looking at what it means to be a good friend by showing compassion and understanding.

The world is a very strange place at the moment in the current situation we are in. We will be discussing how this may further be different for many children our own age; particularly focusing on the Children's Refugee Crisis which links to closely with our class text. We will be looking at what being human means to us by identifying and discussing our own personalities and traits in an art form to highlight how unique we all are.

Y5 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Y3 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

This half term join with us in our journey and take a virtual trip and discover where our food comes from and enjoy the tastes of different seasons in a rainbow of colours and flavours. 

We are turning on the enshrinkifier as we prepare to shrink in size and take a tour of the human body. Our 'tour' includes visits to all the main vital organs to see what foods keep them healthy, as well as looking at bones and muscles along the way! 

Y3 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Y2 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

This term we will be travelling around the globe using our world atlases and maps. We will be keen explorers who discover all there is to know about the rivers and seas on the globe and how we can find them using a map. 

In phonics we will be looking at important spelling rules such as how to add prefixes and suffixes and securing our understanding of common exception words. We are having a HUGE push on reading this term so please try to read those books as much as possible! 

In maths we are looking at division, statistics, shapes and fractions, whilst continuing to have a big drive on our times table.

Most importantly we will be learning to look after our mental health after such a strange time with COVID. We will be having lots of fun, discussions around friendships and learning more about our emotions to ensure we are calm and ready to move into year 3

Y2 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Y1 Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

In Year 1 this term we will be delving into the exciting world of discoveries, learning about the disaster that destroyed London in 1666 and finding out about a man called Samuel Pepys. 

In our daily phonics sessions we will continue to focus on learning Phase 5 phonemes which will help us to develop our skills in both reading and writing.

In Maths we are working with numbers to 50 and beyond, counting in 2s, 5s and 10s, and finding measurements in length, weight, height and volume

Due to restrictions that have been put in place across the country our learning will look rather different. For those children staying safe at home remote learning can be accessed through Class Dojo and will be updated daily.

Y1 Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

EYFS Curriculum Web – Summer 2021

Watch out the Giant is about! Our theme this term is plants and growing and we will be reading different versions of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' as a hook for our talk for writing. The children will be using their growing phonics knowledge to write stories independently, design posters, make lists etc 

We will be growing and caring for different kinds of plants and taking cuttings and re-potting our existing plants in the EYFS outdoor area in readiness for transportation to our new school! (Exciting!)

In maths we will be looking at numbers 11 to 20 and investigating doubling, halving and sharing. 

Keep posting your photos on our class Dojo page of all the wonderful things you get up to at home together 

EYFS Curriculum Web - Summer 2021

Topic Web Year 4 – Being Me

In Year 4 this half term, we will be exploring the question "Why is what we eat so important?"

We will explore how our body processes food, write and perform our own food-based poetry and even develop and make our own healthy recipes to persuade other people to eat more healthily. Our class story this half term is James and The Giant Peach, which is another excellent Roald Dahl book. For a full overview of what we intend to learn, have a look at our Topic Web for this half term.

Mr Watson, Mrs Mills, Mrs Lawton and Miss Campbell

Topic Web Year 4 - Being Me

Welcome to Year 3

This Term

Welcome back to Spring two of our new theme Discoveries.

We are going to have many adventures discovering fantasy worlds behind a wooden door.
Looking at the depth of the ocean and the plants that grow beneath our feet. Have you ever been to Scarborough coastline?
You are also going to look at the differences between a northern and a southern coastline.
I can't wait to open the door to the Fantastical world of fantasy and the oceans beyond.
Best wishes

Mrs Kershaw and Mr Hewitt

Y3 Curriculum Theme Web

Theme Web

In Year 4 this half term, we will be stepping back in time and finding out all about famous Victorian Inventors, their ingenious inventions and how they have changed the way we live today. Below is our Theme Map that shows everything we will cover this half term. You can access all of the lessons via our Year 4 Class Dojo page and upload your work to your Class Dojo Portfolio. We really look forward to seeing what you produce, even though we can't see all of you in school!
Mr Watson, Mrs Mills and Mrs Lawton

Year 4 Curriculum Theme Web

Theme Webs

Welcome to Year 5 Spring Term
This term, Year 5 are going to become explorers alongside our magical and exhilarating whole class reading text - “The Polar Bears Explorers’ Club”.
As well as becoming explorers, Year 5 will be delving deep into exciting historical discoveries including Isaac Newton’s most famous theory.
We will be continuing to master our times tables and arithmetic skills.
Join us on our expedition to the Arctic!

Year 5 Curriculum Theme Web