Art and Design

Art Progression of Skills

Art and Design Curriculum Information

Art at Overdale School

In art, learning is driven by the chance to be creative. Art activities provide pupils with the opportunity to express their ideas in ways that are led by a sense of fun, imagination and individuality. Art is taught as part of the thematic curriculum in our school. We also celebrate special art days and weeks and enter different art competitions throughout the year.

Strengths of the curriculum

  • Art is celebrated in school and all staff understands the importance of art in the curriculum.
  • Teachers plan interesting and varied art activities linked to the topic for that term.
  • The children are enthusiastic about art and enjoy learning the subject.
  • Children have the opportunity to take part in regular art competitions and an annual Arts Week.

Areas for development

  • To develop links with local artists to share expertise and skills with staff and children.
  • For Key Stage 2 children to use sketch books to show progression in their learning and development of skills.
  • To develop and share a progression of skills document in art with staff and monitor its implementation.
  • To give children more opportunities to access art activities, outside of the classroom.

Intended outcomes

  • Subject leader to develop links with local artists, high schools and colleges and invite them to share their skills and expertise with staff and children.
  • Subject leader to provide KS2 children with sketch books and monitor how they are being used to show progression and development of artistic skills.
  • Subject leader to share the progression of skills document with staff and ensure resources and CPD are available to enable the staff to teach the necessary skills.
  • Subject leader to provide art clubs for all year groups and to also encourage other members of staff to run art clubs. Subject leader will also look into how links with outside agencies can also provide extra-curricular art activities for the children.