About Us

We listen, we learn, we shine


Our aims and values

Overdale Community Primary School will ensure:

  • Every child is encouraged and supported to achieve their full potential.
  • To value the whole child, by promoting their health and well-being and recognising their wide range of talents.
  • Every child can communicate effectively for a range of audiences and purposes.
  • To be a place where the British values of respect, tolerance, care and responsibility are highly valued and evidenced.


We can achieve this through:

  • Ensuring that learning is led by staff, who are committed to achieving the potential of all children, using assessment for learning to structure and secure effective teaching.
  • Communication is at the heart of everything we do.
  • A curriculum that is challenging, evolving and exciting.
  • Emphasis on leading active, healthy lifestyles with positive mental well-being.
  • Working in partnership with parents, the local community and other professionals to nurture the whole child.


Mission statement:

To create a happy and stimulating learning environment that values effective communication as the key to developing children’s confidence and enabling them to fulfil their potential.


Our golden values:

  • We can play safely.
  • We can be polite and helpful.
  • We can work quietly without interrupting others.
  • We treat others as we would like to be treated.
  • We respect our learning environment and keep it tidy.